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Sevi Lawson was a broadcast news journalist for many years before retraining to become a Naturopathic Physician. She's registered with the General Council of Registered Naturopaths (GCRN).

Naturopathy supports our health by going back to the important stuff. Eating well, sleeping well and moving well. Sevi started exploring the nutritional benefits of nuts when she was researching alternatives for clients with intolerances/ allergies to dairy. She wanted to create a truly healthy, organic range of nut butters which would be nutritionally dense and delicious.




The Nut Junkie was born because getting positively hooked on a healthy, organic and raw nut butter does contribute to your wellbeing. Just a small portion a day provides a mighty hit of minerals, vitamins and protein. There's no added sugar, no palm oil, no fake stuff, just mighty raw nut power. Sevi believes that we shouldn't have to think too hard about food. It should be a simple joy to eat well and The Nut Junkie is all about bringing the joy back into healthy foods.


and what we believe in...

#1. Packed with nutritional goodness. No refined oils (yes palm, you), no fake flavours and no pancreas-groaning added sugars, even the 'healthy' ones like agave & honey. Our nut butters are simply, joyfully so good!


#2. The Nut Junkie is versatile! Spread it, blend it, spoon it and bake with it. 


#3. Raw & Powerful! Our nuts haven't been roasted so you won't be reheating them (not a good thing) if you decide to make some sneaky baked treats. 

It also means our butters have higher levels of nutrients making each mouthful mighty!

#4. Pure taste rules. We only add natural, organic flavours like vanilla, cocoa & cinnamon to supercharge what’s already delicious.

#5. Positive ingredients forever. We source the finest quality nuts and simply blend them with organic natural flavours so that you can enjoy the simple, glorious Nut Junkie taste.