There's lots about The nut Junkie that makes us special and unique! Here are a few nuggets. If you want to know even more get in touch with us. We live & breathe tree nuts and would love to share.

All Nut Junkie products have positive purity! Pure taste rules: we only add natural flavours like raw vanilla & raw cocoa to supercharge what's already delicious

We think nut butters that use roasted nuts are a really bad idea! Why? Because roasting reduces the concentration of several B group vitamins as they're not heat stable.

Nuts are a mighty source of minerals & vitamins that your body needs to stay strong. They're packed with phenols & antioxidants & are high in protein & 'good' fats.

Roasting nuts forms between 0.6-0.9 grams of trans-fatty acids per 100 grams of nut - trans fats are anti-nutrients, not good, no, no, no!

Positive ingredients only: nothing gets in the way of our healthful raw nut power - NO added sugar, NO palm oil, NO fake stuff.